Dike Chukwumerije breaks record: Makes more than One Million naira in one Night with poetry.

Few years ago, there was nothing like the comedy industry. There were just random guys who followed their passion to entertain and make people happy. Years later into their hard work, the comedy industry boasts of big names like AY,Ali Baba, Basket mouth, and others. Infact the industry is the one competing side by side with the Music Industry.

Dike and his crew @ the made in Nigeria show. Photo credit-Minabj.

Today, the poetry industry in Nigeria just grew from a baby to a teenager. Dike CHUKWUMERIJE becomes the first poet in Nigeria to make over a Million Naira in a single Night of poetry performance, with his Made in Nigeria brand getting bigger and bigger. The show was held at Merit House, Abuja on the 1st to 2nd of October, celebrating the story of Nigeria in Hundred years in theatre. It also marked Nigeria 57th birthday. His Tickets sold out. We would remember he had a nation wide tour with the brand this year. History would remember his efforts, and this would encourage other poets in Nigeria never to give up.  

The news came today when he took to his official Facebook page to express his joy. He boasted:

“This is how we did it. So, let me tell you, if anybody ever asks you if you know any poet in Nigeria with a collection of 20 poems who has in one night of reading made up to N1m in sales, tell them you do. This is not a boast. It’s just a recognition that no one is telling my story. So, here I am telling it. Keep walking. This is what I tell myself. For I have not yet executed my vision perfectly. And so, and so, it keeps calling me. Keep walking”

There are other Nigerians who are working hard or had worked hard to set the stage for the dawn of the next entertainment genre in Nigeria. There are the Likes of Sage Hassan who was doing spoken word in the 80s. There is the War of words stage which is the biggest poetry competition currently in Nigeria, organized by 12x media. They planned for war of words Africa with a cash price running to millions, but never achieved it this year. There are other organizations working hard to make it happen.

This year alone had recorded proliferation of poetry stages and shows, bringing poets to limelight.

Change is coming. Congratulations to Dike. But one question comes to mind:

Are we getting to the point where we would have recording deals, poets as brand ambassadors, poetry videos streaming live on our Tvs?


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