5 things you should not say to an artist.

Things you should not say to an artist.
You probably have an artist friend and wondering why both of you don’t get along pretty well. You may have used any of these words mistakenly or you must be really bad at getting along with people. Either way, if you are trying to buy an artist’s heart, avoid these words.

  1. it’s not Fine.
    Yes, that sentence can sentence an artist to death. Naturally, every artist want to be appreciated for his works, no matter how bad the works are. More so, there is really no good or bad art. So next time you want to talk about an artist’s work, don’t use the word “Not Fine”. Some works are not fine but make for a good aesthetic quality. A good appraisal would help the artist to become better. P.s tell him its fine even when he doesn’t want to hear it, and watch the magic.

  1. You didn’t get the resemblance.
    Portrait Artists would understand more. This usually happens especially when the pay is low. Trust me, cheap work causes more trouble. Even when it’s the truth, it irritates him. Appreciate the work first, then find a subtle way to tell him to retouch the work. He would gladly do so.

  1. When he says “I’m an artist”.
    And you go: “Ah, those guys that draw and paint”
    Those words can get an artist bored and looking at you like a helpless idiot. It is practically the biggest stereotyped notion of an artist.  Use words like “Nice, what medium do you mostly work with?” That would do.


4.  “Do it free, you know I’m helping you, so people can know your work”
Thank you. You are not helping, you are draining. Remember an artist has got bills to pay too. So be so kind to drop even a penny. Rule 1. Never ask to take an artist’s work for free, unless he gives you.

  1. “You would never be rich as an artist, can’t you just be a doctor”
    “OK. I heard that, thank you for your advice. Can you just leave? Rubbish. Mtchew.”



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