4 Jargons Artists use frequently.

Artists are simply complicated people. They switch on and off at anytime. Yes, its that bad. But they are the most lovable people around town, look around.  So if you have been around an artist a long time, you must really be getting used to these his unpredictable culture.

1. Untittled

Artists can be very lazy people. Yes. They are hardworking when it comes to creating and giving life to an idea, but goes all lumpy at the simple idea of naming their creation. And so they found a short cut; “Untitled”. A lot of work bears more untitled than works named. However, the negative aspect of this is that it makes the works harder to stick. Example, you can actually remember works like Da vinci’s ‘Last Supper’ and ‘Mona Lisa’, Picasso’s ‘The Meal’, Michelangelo’s ‘David’, Demas Nwoko’s ‘Adam and Eve’, Ben Enweonwu’s ‘Anyawu’, Damian Hirsts ‘For the love of God’ etc. It would also be noted that most of this masters have works titled “Untitled “. One question, How many untilled works can you remember?

2. I’m Broke.

“Wait a minute, all those millions you sold in your last show, where are they. It had just been a week”?

” Bros you won’t understand ”

You probably hear this type of conversation between artists and their friends. What really happened to the money?

3. Art is life.

In fact at a time even as an artist you get tired of hearing and saying it. Isn’t it too obvious.

4. What is your specialisation?

Aha. When you hear that, then two artists are talking to each other. But I think the world of specialisation is fizzling out. Some art schools are now training artist and not those restrained by a particular genre of art. Infact, many artist are switching roles to show the fruitility of boxing an artist to one stereotyped medium of expression. The sculpt, paint design etc and reject a specialised tittle except the word ‘Artist’. But the word “Specialisation” would always be in the art register for more time to come.


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