I know it is difficult to be you already in a world where mediocrity outshines competence. I understand the creative and mental energy you put out in your creations to keep the world sane, and yet most times are less appreciated for it, maybe until you die. You work hard to heal the world and forget to heal yourself, I would not suggest that this is why you die early, go crazy, die wretched or develop a sickness from the chemicals you work with that your money cannot heal- no I would not, it would be overruling the selflessness in you that mocks selfishness at the crossroads where the creative will and divinity entwine. But remember:

Remember that the most important thing for a creative is to STAY ALIVE. Stay alive to transmit to the universe the calmness it needs to heal the silent cacophonies of pain etched in the hearts of men. Your true happiness comes from it.

You see, REFUSE against all odds the craziness of tags no matter how friendly they are.  The tag that calls you a painter, a sculptor, ceramists, practicing artist, African Artist, full time artist and the endless list of others. It limits you. I wish I could travel to Florence to raise da Vinci, Michelangelo or transverse the vast lands of Africa so you could ask Benedict Enweonwu. Paint if you can, sculpt, design, have fun for THERE IS ONLY AN ARTIST AND DIFFERENT MEDIUMS OF EXPRESSION and not the other way round. Of cos we cannot do without tags, but if you must accept any let it be in the simplicity found in the word ARTIST. I have seen people who abandoned their tags to become so much more. You would never know you belong to the sky until your raise your wings and fly.

No one knows what art is. You see, there is beauty in freedom and expression is one way to know if you are really free. Don’t let anyone define what your art should look like, for there is only one link between the word ART (the unknown) and IST (Your personal isms), and it’s YOU. I do not blame Picasso who mused “if I know what art is, I would rather keep it to myself”.

An artist, is not almighty and you must understand this reality. The times tells the tale of failure and hardship from the governments of the world. So be wise. You are not infallible from the economic conditions of the world- in fact it affects you more.  In order to stop the embarrassment that has gradually dropped the value of the artist i.e. harassing collectors with your works and forcing them to buy. I have met a good number of collectors who are proud to price many of the artist works like they were tomatoes placed under the sun, fading away in their prime. Please let them come for you, or possibly just show them and refuse to sell, either way, make them hungry and not satisfied.

The hunger clause. All artist are hungry, even the richest ones –they want so much more. You may ask the question; “how do I survive if I don’t sell my work?” please do not been fooled by the word “full time artist”, you must have an ASI( ALTERNATIVE SOURCE OF INCOME), Something outside your art that would be generating revenue for your art materials, tools and upkeep at least you become big enough. Most of the big names you know are doing this but would never let you know. But beware, Art is a jealous lover who leaves you once she know you have a side chick that steals your attention, so you must never let her know. In fact, the attention should not be equal. This would help you not to be in the mercy of others in your practice.

Age is nonsense. It is the tag of number created by the society that tells you what or what not to do. In fact most times it determines your worth. Refuse it with everything. Wisdom doesn’t come with age; it comes with experience. If you doubt me, look around, you would find old fools. For art, you would be caged and left behind many times because of your age, the only way to break that barrier is to create highly mind blowing pieces. Trust me, no one would remember your age again. Remember, never equate your worth with your age.

Never murder your ARTIST CHILD.  She is the innocence and freedom you are born with to create, growing up would make it harder for her to survive. Many had lost SIGHT of this path, because they wanted to be more professional, more sane, more rational, more others than themselves. and you know what it means to be others before you?- you die.

To be continued.

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